Quand on lui ouvre la porte,la magie est partout

Whether for a company or an individual, we present our MAGICAL EVENINGS: The attraction of the strange and unusual, the magnetism of excitement and exhilaration.

Up close and personal

At the heart of our event, the magician will seek direct contact with the audience. Performing his tricks before your very eyes, incredulous at first, you will soon be astounded and amazed.

Perfect for dinners, receptions or cocktails, for guests who are seated or standing, our expert offers you a stylised and interactive evening of pure magic.

An entertaining experience you’ll be talking about for a long time to come!

Do you also know that for your professional events and product presentations, we will create magic tailor-made for your company?

You will notice the difference… We adapt our performances to suit a multitude of audiences and circumstances.

On stage

Prepare for an exhilarating show full of mystery and humour!

For 50 or 500 spectators, we will programme a show for you in the purest tradition of the music-hall, based on the theme or magic and illusion.

Conjuring appearances from thin air, magical levitations, unbelievable transformations… Everything comes together with perfect mastery, combining staging and an extravaganza of incredible effects.


Let yourself be captivated by the magic of the mind. Predictions and impossible revelations, mind-reading, improbable challenges…

A new spectacle to astound even the most sceptical. Irrational, confusing, troubling, and yet, it’s all just an illusion!


Because entertainment is a job Frédéric Thiriart gives to your evenements the mark of the real difference

Because entertaining is an art, you can be sure Frédéric Thiriart will make a genuine difference at your events!

Add some life to your competitions, commercial actions, product launches, protocol-based presentations, fairs, events or road shows!

Just let him know the concept, give him the microphone and Frédéric will bring your event to life with tonicity, originality and presence.

A true Master of Ceremonies, Frédéric offers you a service developed from extensive experience acquired from numerous performances in public and on television.

It is through our experience, our creativity and to the dialog quality we manage to maintain with all of you we can provide best solutions to all of your demands

For companies

You want to organise a staff party, a motivating incentive day, develop a successful seminar, present a new product, or invite your best clients in an original manner. We organise all your events to ensure your complete success.

Never prepared to rest on our laurels, we are committed to developing an original concept for every circumstance, custom designed to suit your needs and desires.

We will put every ounce of our creativity and inventiveness at your service. It makes no difference whether we are addressing an audience of just a few people or one with hundreds of guests: we approach every project with the same serious commitment and desire to make the evening an unforgettable event.

For individuals

There’s always a reason to have a party! Birthdays, weddings, communions, special occasions and family reunions…

They are all special moments. Highly anticipated, you want them to stay in your memories for a long time.

The approach, mischievousness and tricks of our magicians, clowns, ventriloquists, balloon sculptors, comedians and other entertainers will surprise and charm your guests. Your evening will be sure to bring about lasting memories.